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Beautifying Strathmore with Painted Quilts!

Three new pieces of art are up – and adding to the beauty of downtown Strathmore!

Our town is already one of the prettiest in the region, but Painted Quilts are bumping us up a notch or two, particularly in terms of uniqueness.

What are Painted Quilts?

In 2014 Hope Bridges’ founder Sheila Konshuh pitched the idea to ‘Quilt the Town’ at Strathmore’s first annual Let’s Make a Pitch. The prize was a cheque for $10,000 to be used to fund the project. We scheduled painting workshops, created 4 x 4 quilt patterns suitable for mounting on local buildings, and after much coordination, we now see three quilts installed – adding interest to our town!

Winning Let’s Make a Pitch was a milestone for Hope Bridges as many had not heard of who we are and what we do. Our mission is to keep people and community connection at our core and the Painted Quilts project would increase awareness and further our goal of bringing people together.

Painting workshops set project in motion

Painted Quilt at Leary CentrePainting workshops were held through the winter, and in Spring 2015 three interested building owners asked for art; Strathmore’s Standard Shoe Shop, the Credit Union, and the Leary Centre.

To make it happen we needed help from the community and we are grateful for the support and assistance we have received from the following individuals and businesses.

Kevin Muenchrath, a local business owner qualified in commercial sign installation provided help with hanging the quilts; he also offered support and guidance with setting up a process – attention to safety being top priority.

Also involved in the process is Harry Salm, Strathmore’s building inspector, who provides safety inspections at each property, and Fortis employee Clare Haggstrom, who provides lift services.

We also thank Home Hardware for their assistance throughout the process, from valuable advice to great deals on top quality paints and supplies.

If I were to make a list of individuals thrilled to see us reach this milestone in the project, the first name would be workshop facilitator Johanna Jackins. Her talents, efforts and persistence have seen us through to where we are now — seeing three pieces of art, successfully mounted in three prominent locations, adding beauty to the town of Strathmore.

More to come

We have many more Painted Quilts to place around town and if you’d like info on having one installed, please contact Wanda at the studio:

coordinator@hopebridges.ca or call (403) 983-3640

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