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Being more like Lisa

Many individuals advocate for others but some people seem to have been born for it.

The purpose of Hope Bridges as a non-profit organization is to be inclusive, which means we accommodate all adults including people who live with challenges.

Belong...Create...Connect!One of Hope’s regular participants is a young lady who is adored by all who know her. If you’ve attended at least one Hope Bridges Fall Gala you look forward to the next time you’ll see her. Her name is Rachel, and when Rachel takes the stage next to her music coach and friend Lisa, the crowd becomes still, in fact you can hear a pin drop. If you’ve seen this beautiful duo sing, talk and interact you already know what’s about to happen to your heart. Rachel’s joy is contagious, the audience can’t help but smile; and seeing what Lisa and Rachel have prepared, along with their unique improvisation, you’ll know what I mean about the person who was born to advocate. Watching Lisa accompany and interact with Rachel is watching someone who was meant to do exactly this.

An advocate for individuals with challenges is the person whose actions speak louder than words, and the way in which they demonstrate kindness is difficult to describe but when you witness it you just know.

Lisa is an advocate – she shows us how to be inclusive and kind. At every Gala I have attended, I am reminded of what advocacy means, and I walk away at the end of the evening resolving to try and be more like Lisa.

Patricia Timmermans

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