Hope Bridges Society

Guidelines for Participants

We are so excited that YOU are part of our community!  At Hope Bridges….

Our goal is to:

–       Warmly welcome everyone attending.

–       Create an atmosphere where each person is included and valued.

–       Maintain a high standard of excellence in everything we do.

–       Focus on person to person connection as a priority above the creative activity.

To do this, we ask that each of you join us in embracing these guidelines:

–       Find your warmth and connect respectfully with all others

–       Speak with an individual rather than about an individual

–       Engage fully in the creative and expressive activity.

Note to Participant Caregivers: As much as possible, allow the individual you are supporting to participate in whatever way they are able. Our facilitators have designed and adapted our activities to allow everyone to participate.

–       Be present in the moment, leaving personal concerns and distractions at the door. If you need to have a personal conversation, please step outside the room.

–       Share your ideas

–       Have fun and enjoy the process of using art and creative expression to encourage and create connection and friendship

These guidelines have been developed to foster and create the best possible experience for everyone. If you have any concerns regarding the event and/or another participant, we request that you discreetly bring it to the attention of our coordinator or facilitator.

Thank you for being part of our community!  We are delighted to share your company on this path to connection and friendship.

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