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Artists Among Us – a memorable anniversary gala

Artists and Angels

“Artists Among Us” or perhaps, “Angels Among Us”.

Mixed in with the family, friends, and acquaintances we greet daily are a few others. They seem like regular folks, average citizens going about their day just like everyone else, but in reality they are angels. Individuals who make it their life’s mission to care for others, and to include those who tend to pull away or worse, be pushed by society into the backdrops.

We don’t know they are angels at first glance. They don’t ask for recognition or praise in fact, when we see them on stage such as at last week’s gala, they give the glory and credit to others — that’s when we know.

musicWhen Chuck Bayley and his excellent Amigos took the stage, I wasn’t the only thrilled fan in the audience! Each year the amigos tug at our hearts in a unique and memorable way; and Chuck not only makes the group feel valued, he gets the audience chiming in with songs we all know, or learn real quick!

Before singing for us (a brilliant and moving performance), Chuck’s son Bryan Bayley shared a bit about his work in music therapy and how it’s his privilege to experience music with adults who have special needs. A sincere heart for others runs in the Bayley family.

Sing-Your-High-Note’s leader, Kate Ager led a diverse and beautiful group of singers in tunes that also got the crowd singing along! It was easy to sense, even from the back of the room, Kate’s gift of bringing out the best in people!

Gala ‘regulars’ look forward to what Rachel and her music coach Lisa Jacobs have planned, or not planned! The confidence that Lisa brings out in Rachel is difficult to put into words. It must be felt and it truly was felt by everyone present that evening. I knew there would be tears in peoples’ eyes particularly when the Rosebud School Chorale joined Rachel and Lisa with ‘What a wonderful world’.

Thank you Lisa, Chuck, Bryan, Kate, Rosebud School Chorale and the many other talented, caring participants in Hope Bridges’ tenth annual Gala! One group of people, during one special program, was inspired by artists and angels. This community is a better place because of people like you.

The world as a whole could use more individuals with the type of caring that brings people who live with challenges, out of the backdrops into an accepting, inclusive community.

Special thanks to the following performers:

Marvin Gill
The Dearhearts
Bryan Bayley
Strathmore Theatre Players Guild
Chuck Bayley
Darren Larsen
Geordie Praeker
Russell Hiller
Ty Dahl
Blair Lowen
Rachel Konschuh
Lisa Jacobs
Graydon Pease
Lewis Frere
Wanda Reinholdt
Kate Ager and SYHN members:

Jacob Miles, Mary Bolton, Rhonda Cathercole, Cate Wadworth, Alison Bogstie, Bob Bogstie, Becky Habing, Emily Agerskov, Karla Hammond, Roby King, Deb Switzer-Cook, Ryan Boutin, Arnold Walters, Sharon Sequillion, Derek, Don Carl, Thomas Butler, Jim Muir, David Turner, Fred Dorasch, Vera Sims, Bill, Eldon, Neal M., Steven, Dorothy, Vivian, Bill Salt, Todd Smith.

Bill Hamm and the Rosebud School Chorale:

Geordie, Stuart, Caleb, Meghan, Kelti, Emily, Justin, Jesse, Anna, Cassie, Natalie, Stephanie, Maggie, Caitlyn, Bethany, Dale, Wolfe, Kyla, Anna, Zach, Duncan, Anne, Esther, Frances, Anne, Oliver, Shayleigh, Mikayla.

Each one of you helped make Hope Bridges’ 10th Anniversary Gala a memorable celebration!

From the desk of
Pat Timmermans

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