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Most relaxing art class you’ll ever take

Last season I picked up a workshop pamphlet at the Hope Bridges studio that featured a note about the art of ‘Zentangle’. I’d been looking for an art class but had no idea what I might be learning in this one. I googled ‘Zentangle’ and my next thought was ‘I have no idea how someone could teach me this’, so I signed up!

The online Zentangle examples I found were beautiful… captivating! They reminded me of doodling but much more deliberate and organized – at least compared to my own doodling. I had seen this style in the past but didn’t know what it was called, now I knew.

Zentangle sample found on FlickrThe class I signed up for was a beginner class; I was a little hesitant about my knack, but looked forward to it just the same. The bonus, I thought, was if the teacher lost hope with me at least I’d have met a few new people!

Well, the teacher didn’t lose hope. I actually made a pretty cool looking piece, and after spending time with a lovely group of folks, who I found out were also skeptical about their own knack, I was convinced I’d take the intermediate class.

A little about Zentangle

It’s easy to learn, very relaxing and nearly anyone can learn it. The patterns taught in class make a great starting point or launch-pad for the imagination. You will soon create your own patterns and will also discover that you’re more creative than you may have thought!

What Zentangle feels like for me

The teacher stressed in class, not to have a preconceived idea of your result. So, looking at a blank piece of paper no longer causes the dreaded feeling of anxiety and my palms to grow cold! I just start with patterns from class and eventually I’m drawing my own patterns and feeling quite relaxed.

With our hectic lives, it feels great to sit down at the desk and focus on making something beautiful.

Fall 2015 Zentangle community project

Hope Bridges’ workshops occasionally surround creating an art piece that may potentially be placed in a public location, like the credit union, various stores, the library and so on. This fall the Zentangle class is all about a community project. I don’t know the destiny of our piece but I honestly can’t wait to find out. Also, I’m hoping a few of the folks I met last season will be back to class!

From the desk of
Pat Timmermans

Hope Bridges projects & workshops are for ALL adults. For more info contact our Coordinator Wanda Reinholdt: 403-983-3640 or email coordinator@hopebridges.ca

Zentangle sample from tinyrottenpeanuts.com

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