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The New Year – Perfect time to take a class!

Resolve to set aside a couple of hours each week for yourself.

2016Time out ‘just for me’ does wonders for the soul, and learning something new during that ‘me’ time also benefits our overall health!

Let’s say for example you dedicate a couple of hours to learning pottery. Or you decide it’s time to get familiar with your camera’s hidden potential and sign up for Photography Tips. You’ll be doing yourself a healthy favor while learning a new craft or skill.

Along with a feeling of relaxation that goes hand in hand with being immersed in a project, particularly an art project, we free our mind from life’s stresses, even if just for an evening.

You don’t have to be a social butterfly

We all know that being part of a community is good for our overall well-being, but what if you’re the shy type? You’d rather stay home and read a book than go out and try to think of things to talk about with people you’ve never met!

If that describes you, then taking a class is the perfect thing to do, and here’s why. When you’re sitting in class, it starts out being all about the topic of the class. Everyone is there for the same reason; they’re interested in learning about this one subject! That means you won’t need to worry about ice-breaking things to say, or witty stories to tell. Chances are good that halfway through class, and without even trying, you’ll be having a conversation with your classmates.

And that’s all there is to it! Step out into your community, join a class or sign up for a Hope Bridges workshop and meet a friend who shares at least one common interest with you.


Personal success story

Val is a lady from the community who struggles with walking, and a fear of falling keeps her from getting out as much as she’d like. She heard about Pottery class at Hope Bridges, and with a love of hand made items that outweighed her fears, she decided to sign up. It didn’t take long  for Val to find herself laughing with the others. And the bonus was coming out of class with a beautiful bowl portraying her love for birds. Val says all you need to do is take it a step at a time!

New on our 2016 calendar

Pottery is one of the newer (and very popular) offerings at Hope Bridges. We’ve been listening to what our community wants and have added some new classes to our 2016 lineup, including knitting and crocheting,  drawing plus a monthly Zentangle club!

How you can help

Hope Bridges is a non-profit organization. We will continue to grow and offer new workshops each year with financial support from our community. Please consider sponsoring a class or two; or making a general donation. Here’s more info on how to help.

Contact the Studio: Email us for more information at: coordinator@hopebridges.ca
Or call Wanda at the studio: (403) 983-3640

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