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Volunteering: What will I get out of it?

Giving of yourself and your time as a volunteer means a great deal to the organization you are helping and to your community. But it may surprise you to know that there are also personal benefits to being a volunteer.

hearts treeMaybe you’ve been thinking about volunteering but you’re hesitant to ask ‘what will I get out of it?’ It’s not a selfish question, so don’t feel guilty for asking. Before putting yourself out there, it’s important to know the volunteer positions that will suit your personality and your interests. Finding the right activity increases the chance that you’ll feel good about your decision, and happy as a volunteer.

At Hope Bridges, there are many ways to help out. When people come to us willing to volunteer, we start by getting to know a bit about them. This helps us match the person with the areas where help is needed. Our volunteers bring many varied skills to the table, and they usually seem to pick up a few new ones just by being involved.

The bottom line – we do our best to find the spot that suits you best.

Personal note on volunteering

When I asked if I might help with the ‘Painted quilts project’ I had no idea how to draw a quilt pattern. I did however, have an interest in painting and an eye for color. We got together weekly to draw and paint and get to know one another; and as a group we produced some beautiful art! Some of which has already been hung up around town.

PaintedQuiltsThe benefits for me as a volunteer included meeting new friends, learning a new skill, and adding to the beauty of my community. Now as I walk downtown and look at each quilt I visualize groups painting together. I remember laughing around the table with friends, and I especially enjoy remembering the bloopers we covered over — thankfully paint works great that way! I would not trade the memories, and friends that I’d have never met if I’d just stayed home.

Be prepared – if you decide to volunteer – to experience increased happiness, to feel more socially connected, to feel less lonely and though I won’t make any guarantees, I am optimistic that your circle of friends will grow!

Our first three quilts have been installed on the Standard Shoe Shop, Strathmore Credit Union and the Leary Centre.  It is fulfilling for all who were involved in painting, to see the quilts adorning Strathmore buildings!

If you would like information about having one installed, please contact Wanda at the Hope Bridges studio: coordinator@hopebridges.ca or call (403) 983-3640

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To talk about volunteering at Hope Bridges, contact Wanda at the studio: coordinator@hopebridges.ca or call (403) 983-3640


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